By Angel de la Maza

The old single cilinder engines had long gears. An insistent and tireless "bang, bang, bang" of long distance destinations riding down endless roads, and unpredictable journeys through undiscovered places.
Its the long steady ride, no hurries, on motorbikes that escape time and fashion, for the pure pleasure of travelling, permeated by what surrounds us, the most important things: the journey and the motorbike.
The journey and the motorbike are shown as a way to enjoy and interpret freedom, more within us than shared, in a world that is more and more frenzied, media-centered and gregarious.
Fortunately, there are still lost corners to explore and time to reflect. Time to do things in a different way, to discover distant places and dream of old stories that happened in yellow pages of old magazines.

Although everything has been invented, we still have time. The eagerness for adventure met the ideal vehicle in motorbikes, the most romantic invention of the twentieth century. A mechanized chant to freedom, an unmistakeable touch and smell, like a unique mechanical horse, feared and admired, but wonderful, that opened the door to our imagination and unrestricted freedom. This long ride that starts here, is a broad landscape like the horizontal vision of our eyes that reaches where it mingles with the horizon line, the line that separates reality from dreams. This is the reason of our meeting: to go beyond the horizon riding ancient or new saddles, covering the world of our dreams, of our journeys on the back of our favourite motorbikes. The ones we own, the ones we wish we owned, or the ones we will own.
Here is where our journey starts, this long tour that will take us down incredible paths, with once in a lifetime characters that have made the trip of their life, and the amazing possibilitie of becoming the main character of those road trips down ususpected paths.
You can find all this, and who knows if maybe more, in this blog we offer you, turning this occasion into a party you are all invited .
We are on our way, with our luggage ready for a long distance trip to an unknown destination and our long gear motorbyke, calm, tireless and perfectly tuned up.

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