An auto rickshaw or three-wheeler (tuk-tuk, trishaw, auto, rick, autorick, or rickshaw in popular parlance) is a vehicle and a way of transport for private use and as a kind of taxi. It is a motorized version of the traditional ricksaw  a small three-wheeled cart operated by a single individual. Auto rickshaws can be found in many Asian countrys.

In the begining the motobike adaptation was just a change of the back wheel for a two wheels axe. Later on the alterations were aplied mainly on the front. The traditional way of driving a bike changed then for a more confortable and secure sitting position inside a cabin.


The ricksaw can be used as a van, semitrailer or passenger carrier. It is a very reliable vehicle for urban goods delivering by way of its cheap maintenance, easy mobility and small dimensions. Here you got a few models that I found on Bombay and Pajim streets during my last planet-India trip.

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