Pinball, Flipper ... is the game of neighbourhood bars, it’s easy to recall the sound – that 
dry "Tack"- of the metal ball bouncing of the bumpers. Visually catching, it’s “a game
of skill” . Good games ending in “Replay” ... and bad games in either "Tilt" or “Game-
over”. We didn´t speak English but so much we understood.
The shiny ball hitting kickers and slingshots and the ringing of bells, were the arcade’s
Toño Merinero brings those days of mechanical entertainment back, leaving the sound
to our imagination, and putting our "machine" in the place of dreams. These original
and unique pieces, like all of Toño’s collages, provide a particular vision of everyday
life, making it art.

Antonio Merinero exhibits, in Makinostra,
his collection of pinball machines for motorcyclists

Graphic artist, biker and unrepentant traveller Antonio Merinero
shows his latest creation in Makinostra, Madrid. A collection of
mute pinballs designed on the lay out of the playfield of classic pinball machines reflect
his passion for the Harley universe in an evocative and playful metaphor
of "Biker’s Replay"

The, hand-drawn, personal reinterpretation of various graphical
images and icons of “pop” inspiration make sense in a
type of three-dimensional collage in which each piece each
builds upon the aesthetics and visual context of different concepts of
motorcycling: Cafe Racer, Chopper, Dirt Track, Bobber and Touring.

The piece by piece assembly makes each edition original and unique. Which is
something magical in times when technology allow us to make unlimited, faithful
copies of practically anything.

December 16 2010 hours 20:00

General Álvarez de Castro, 26
28010 Madrid

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