Davida Moto Photo is an eclectic collection of more than 200 printed images selected by Davida from images submitted by riders, photographers and magazines across the world. Spanning every decade of motorcycling history from 1889 through to the present day, Moto Photo is much more than a celebration of the motorcyclist and the machine. 
The human interest to be found within the photographs, which depict more than a 100 years of social and cultural change, will fascinate anyone, regardless of what sort of bikes their into, even to those with little or no passion for motorcycling. “To add another layer of interest, every photograph in the exhibition carries a detailed explanation of the story behind the image, when and where it was taken and by whom”
All life is here in these images, from Royal Enfields being transported in Rajasthan strapped to the back of elephants in 2002, lady stunt riders from the 1930’s, men yanking bikes out of waist high Yorkshire mud in 1927, A NSU looking more like a space pod attempting a land speed record attempt in the 1940s, 60’s rockers, a wedding party on scooters in 2006. Moto Photo has been  very lucky to have had access to the Mortons Media Archive, probably the most comprehensive and diverse historic collection of motorcycling photography , with hundreds of thousands of images which have never been published.
In short, Davida Moto Photo is a uniquely diverse collection full of unexpected curios.
Curated by Davida’s David Fiddaman and Sharon Underhill, Motophoto came about through more than 30 years of being in the motorcycle business “ constantly seeing fantastic images which we couldn’t use commercially we decided to collect them together and share them with anyone who was interested”
Originally exhibited in Liverpool 2008, this is a touring exhibition which has been shown four times over the past four years; 2009 Stockholm Ton Up and Rumble, 2010 Sideburn Magazine Party in Wigan, 2010 Lahiti Motorcycle Expo, Finland and more recently the 2011 Burning Man Festival in Nevada Desert, USA.
“We always said the idea was to take this exhibition anywhere, so the images are not framed, just simply mounted, that way if we wanted, we could as easily post it to a venue as ride it there on the back of our motorbikes”
 Each time Davida Moto Photo is shown it grows and evolves to include images submitted by local people, keeping it fresh and relevant to its audience. “We are interested to see what pops up for Moto Photo Madrid, it could be a photo taken last week or an old black and white family photo from a previous generation. If you think it’s a good photograph send it in.
 Submit no more than two images per person to  HYPERLINK "mailto:info@motophoto.com" 

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